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MEDIEVAL and Later
Papal Bulla, Pilgrim & Ecclesiastical Items


WMA 6685

Medieval Papal Bullae. A lead Papal Bullae of Pope Urban IV. Born Jacques Pantaléon was pope from 29th of August 1261 to the 2nd of October 1264. Obverse shows the heads of the apostles Peter and Paul, the founders of the Church of Rome with SPASPE (Sanctus PAulus and Sanctus PEtrus) above. ® VR / BANVS / . PP. IIII. 40 mm diameter. Attached to documents issued by the pope. Rare in such good condition.


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WMA 8001

Medieval Limoges Mount. A medieval copper-alloy casket or altar-cross mount in the form of a robed saint. The body is hollow-backed and has two holes for attachment. The figure would originally have been decorated with champlevé enamel. Some traces of the blue enamel and gilt surface still survive. 13th Century. North Nottinghamshire. 55 mm high. The style and decoration of the figure is characteristic of ecclesiastical metalwork produced in France, most notably Limoges, during the 12th and 13th centuries.


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WMA 8392

Medieval Silver gilt pilgrim's badge. A silver-gilt pilgrim's badge depicting Saint George with halo, spearing dragon. On the reverse is a single loop for sewing to a garment. 15th to early 16th century. 18mm x 11mm. Found in the late 80s early 90s.


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WMA 6970

Medieval Livery Badge. A lead livery badge, cast in the form of a right-facing two-dimensional swan, standing with wings raised. Late 14th to early 15th century. Michael Mitchiner, Medieval Pilgrim & Secular Badges, p.201. Brian Spencer, Salisbury Museum Medieval Catalogue, Part 2, p.106. Lincolnshire. 21 mm high x 16 mm wide. The swan badge was used in the 14th century by the Bohun family, one of whose heiresses (Mary de Bohun) married Henry IV. Mary died before his accession, but Henry IV, and Henry V, continued to use the emblem, and it is possible that badges of this type were made as royalist badges during their reigns. A rare piece.


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WMA 7686

Medieval Pilgrim's Ampulla. A lead Pilgrim's ampulla decorated on one side with a leaf-like motif inside a cross-hatched border. The other side shows a linear pouch also within a cross-hatched border. 15th Century. 50 mm high. Complete with both handles, but one of these has been flattened towards the body.


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WMA 7720

Medieval Pilgrim's Ampulla. A lead Pilgrim's ampulla, the design on both sides consisting of a pseudo type decoration of a crowned shield. 15th Century. 51 mm high. Slight damaged to one of the handles otherwise complete, un-flattened and still sealed.


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WMA 8116

Medieval Pilgrim's Ampulla. A lead Pilgrim's ampulla decorated on one side with a large fleurs-de-lis. The other side decorated in a scallop-shell pattern. Circa 15th century. Lincolnshire. 53 mm x 30 mm. Slight damaged to one of the handles otherwise complete.


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WMA 8283

Medieval Lead Token. A pictorial lead token depicting a long necked bird possibly a pelican standing right, its head turned rearwards towards a small cross pommée. ® Plain crescent with pellet-in-arc and cross-hatching above and hatching below. 1.7g. 13th - 14th century. Cf. BNJ 53 (1983), Michael Mitchiner & Anne Skinner, English Tokens, c.1425-1672, plate 4, Nos. 41 & 42. 19mm dia. x 1mm thick.


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WMA 8213

Medieval Cruciform Pendant. A crude cast lead cross, the top arm is pierced for suspension. These items are thought to be cheap manufactured pilgrim crosses for suspension around the neck. Circa 13th - 15th century. North Yorkshire. 29mm x 28mm. Complete.


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