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324-337 AD. Augustus 337-361 AD.


WRB 8046

3 (18mm). Laureate bust left. PROVIDENTIAE CAESS. Camp gates with two turrets. (Trier).


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WRB 610

Centenionalis. FEL TEMP REPARATIO. Constantius standing left on galley holding Phoenix and labarum. Victory seated behind. mm TRS (Trier). RIC 214.


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WRB 8055

3/4 (15mm). GLORIA EXERCITVS. Two soldiers standing facing, holding spears, standard in between. mm PLG (Lyons). Attractive with a glossy green patina.


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WRB 8299

3/4 (16mm). VICTORIAE DD AVGGQ NN. Two Victories facing each other with wreaths and palms. Ivy leaf on stalk in lower centre. mm TRS (Trier). RIC VIII 183. Attractive light green patina.


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