WRA 7186

Roman Penannular brooch. A copper-alloy penannular brooch of round cross-section. The terminals are flat at right angles to the plane of the brooch and notched to create three teeth. The pin is markedly arched downwards to facilitate the folds of cloth. Circa 1st - 5th century AD. See Hattatt No 1291. Fowler Type D7. Lincolnshire. 27.3 mm diameter. Elizabeth Fowler (The Origins and Development of the Penannular Brooch in Europe) classifies the type as D7 and dates it to the early post-Roman period (5th century AD). The form of the pin tends to suggest an earlier date. Hattatt also queries the dating on the basis of the terminal shape, which he likens to 1st century types. Attractive dark brown patina and complete with working pin.


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