WEH 8689

RICHARD II. 1377-1399. Halfpenny. Crowned bust facing; line of raised dots across breast. RICARD REX [ANGL(I)]. Long cross pattee with three pellets in each angle. CIVITAS [LON]DON. Spink 1699 var. North 1331 var. Withers Type 1, unlisted variety. UKDFD # 52756. 14mm. This coin is an apparently unrecorded variety of Withers Type 1, on which there is a line of raised dots across the king's breast. A very similar representation, commonly described as 'chainmail', occurs on some groats and halfgroats struck during the post-treaty period of Edward III. Edward's post-treaty coins, for which no halfpenny is known, immediately precede the earliest issue of Richard II.


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