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Comments on Driffield hoard coins by Dr. Philip de Jersey of the Celtic Coin Index

Numbers 1 – 20 refer to the numbers of the illustrations on the driffield_hoard.htm webpage. All rarity figures apply to coins already in the CCI, not including recent finds from Driffield – there are undoubtedly more examples of some of these in as yet unprocessed records, eg another example of the no. 1 reverse.

1. CCI 04.0836, VA 819-3. Three others this reverse die already in the CCI.

2. CCI 04.0837, VA 811. Most of the South Ferriby staters in the CCI are not divided according to more precise VA numbers. However, as John Sills has just done the work on identifying dies of these types, we can get a bit further. This seems to be the second example of this reverse die, but there are at least twenty or so coins struck from this obverse.

3. CCI 04.0838, VA 829-3. Obverse die used throughout type. Half a dozen examples of this reverse, plus others from recut reverse.

4. CCI 04.0839, VA 960-1. Purely on a statistical basis it ought to be the type with pellets beneath the tail, ie VA 960, but I haven’t been able to die-link it to any others (either with pellets, ring or star) to confirm this. About 45 of the pellet type recorded.

5. CCI 04.0840, VA 988-1. Fourteen others recorded.

6. CCI 04.0841, VA 811. As no. 2, not recorded in CCI with more precise VA number. However, John has identified one other coin from this reverse die and literally dozens struck from this obverse.

7. CCI 04.0842, VA 825-1. Obverse used for about 15 coins, reverse not otherwise recorded.

8. CCI 04.0843, VA 825-1. Obverse as no. 7, reverse on seven others.

9. CCI 04.0844, VA 825-1. Same as no. 8.

10. CCI 04.0845, VA 825-8. Same obverse as nos. 8-9, reverse otherwise unrecorded.

11. CCI 04.0846, VA 825-8. Comments as no. 10.

12. CCI 04.0847, VA 825-8. Comments as no. 10.

13. CCI 04.0848, VA 825-9. Two others this pair of dies; reverse also occurs in combination with another obverse.

14. CCI 04.0849, VA 829-1. Obverse used throughout type. Two examples with this reverse die.

15. CCI 04.0850, VA 829-3. Obverse used throughout type. Four others with this reverse die, which John suggests is recut of die used for coin no. 3.

16. CCI 04.0851, VA 829-3. Comments as no. 15.

17. CCI 04.0852, VA 829-3. Comments as no. 3.

18. CCI 04.0853, VA 829-3. Obverse used throughout type. No other examples from this reverse die.

19. CCI 04.0854, VA 829-4. Plated, not die-linked into remainder of series.

20. CCI 04.0855, VA 988-1. Comments as no. 5.