Fake 01

Legend reads: EARDVVLF (upside down letter L for F) CVDhEAR?. Silver quality looks too good, odd style, and not linked to any known dies. Said to have been manufactured in the North East of England but sold on eBay from a dealer  in Leicestershire .

Sold on eBay 18-Jul-09 16:51:00 BST with following description: high grade anglo saxon silver sceat coin from my collection inscription to both sides of coin also cross in centre one side and ring of dots other weight 0.91g nice clear detail coin all my own metal detector finds are recorded with the portable antiquities scheme you will also find me on ebays list of genuine sellers of coins and artefacts.

Many thanks to the collector for supplying these images. An interesting point to note is that this coin as been intentionally distressed to give the impression of being a metal detector find.


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