Ar Sceat. Phase Ia. + EA.RDVVL.FR around pellet inside pelleted circle. CVDhEVRT (Cudheard) around small cross. 0.9 g. Spink # 858. Pirie, Coins of Northumbria 3.2a-b. As struck but with two small edge chips. Excessively rare, only the third known coin of this King of Northumbria. The first coin was discovered in August 1994 and purchased by the British Museum. See E. J. E. Pirie, 'Earduulf: a significant addition to the coinage of Northumbria', British Numismatic Journal 65 (1995), pp. 20-31, pl. 3, 12. The second one came to light in September 1997. See M. Blackburn and A. Gillis, 'A Second Coin of King Eardwulf of Northumbria and the Attribution of the Moneyer Coins of King Ælfwald', British Numismatic Journal 67 (1997), pp. 97-9, pl. 24, 3. This coin is the same obverse die as the 1997 example (my Ref 02) (my Ref 05) and (my Ref 09) which also clearly shows the bar above the R for REX. Interestingly all three are from the same moneyer but different reverse dies.


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