Ar Sceat. Phase Ia. + EA.RDVVL.FR (bar above letter R) around pellet in pelleted circle. ® + CVDHEARD (Cudheard) around small cross. Weight 0.93 g. Die axis (unknown). Diameter 14mm. Spink # 858. Pirie, Coins of Northumbria 3.2a-b. Find spot unknown to author. Private collection ? Same obverse die as (my Ref 02) (my Ref 03) (my Ref 05). Many thanks to CNG for allowing me the use of the images and information.



Known history of this coin. Auctioned CNG 13 September 2017, lot 1082 and Auctioned CNG 14 May 2020, lot 1245

Description from CNG

Extremely Rare Eardwulf Sceatt

ANGLO-SAXON, Kings of Northumbria. Eardwulf. First reign, 796-806. AR Sceatt (14mm, 0.93 g, 9h). Eoforwic (York) mint; Cuthheard, moneyer. + EA·RDVVL·F R around pellet within dotted circle / + CVDHEARD around small cross pattée. Pirie, Guide 3.2a = E.J.E. Pirie, “Earduulf: a significant addition to the coinage of Northumbria” in BNJ 65 (1995), pl. 2, 12; Pirie, Guide 3.2b var. = M. Blackburn & A. Gillis, “A second coin of King Eardwulf of Northumbria and the attribution of the moneyer coins of King Ælfwald” in BNJ 67 (1997), pl. 24, 3 var. (rev. legend; same obv. die); North –; SCBC 858. VF, toned. Extremely rare, none in CoinArchives.

Eardwulf acceded to the Northumbrian throne in the tumultuous period following the assassination of Aethelred I in 796. Eardwulf had helped organise the murder of Aethelred in revenge for Aethelred’s earlier, nearly successful, attempt on Eardwulf’s life. Eardwulf's reign was characterised by conflict with Coenwulf of Mercia who gave asylum to his enemies. In the late eighth century, close ties existed between the Northumbrian and Frankish courts and it may have been that Eardwulf married an illegitimate daughter of Charlemagne. Eardwulf was deposed in 806 by the shadowy Aelfwald II and went on pilgrimage to Rome and visited the Emperor's court in Nijmegen. Frankish sources suggest he may have reclaimed his kingdom in circa 808 before being succeeded by his son Eanred, possibly around 810. No coins were known of Eardwulf before the Burton Fleming find in 1994 (EMC 1995.6001; Pirie, BNJ 1995, pp. 20-31). This is the first coin of Eardwulf to be offered for sale in a public auction.

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